In light of our recent press release regarding the use of our proprietary four-phase Purify, Sanitise, Disinfect and Neutralise (PSDN) treatment process, we may take longer than usual to respond to requests.

In summary, our PSDN treatment process enables single-use disposable N95 masks to be reused up to four times with minimal degradation in filtration performance.

Further to our press release and proprietary technology, we are:

  • Working to increase the number of reuses and types of PPE able to be disinfected;
  • Positioning ourselves to reuse >1,000,000 masks per day (off-site); and
  • Developing an on-site UV sanitisation and disinfection unit for rapid deployment to hospitals, medical centres, clinics and point-of-care locations.

For any N95 mask enquiries, please visit our contact page.