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    The technologies we use are scientifically-proven to destroy 99.999% of airborne- and droplet-based viruses and bacteria – including coronaviruses*

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Welcome to ZuivAir

We are a global leader in ultraviolet sanitisation and disinfection. We service commercial and residential clients throughout Sydney and beyond; providing UV sanitisation and disinfection services with unparalleled excellence and results.

Our proprietary Purify, Sanitise, Disinfect and Neutralise (PSDN) treatment process uses UV, nano silver and HEPA technologies without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals. Our services are engaged in situations where no compromise on sanitisation and disinfection can be made.

For enquiries relating to our proprietary UV PSDN N95 mask resusing technology, please visit our dedicated N95 masks page. Please note, we have received a large number of requests and as such, may take longer than usual to respond.

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